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Who Are K&L Autos

K & L Autos, your friendly affordable Alfa Romeo Fiat and Lancia specialist, we offer a personal repair and maintenance service to all Alfa Romeo Fiat and Lancia owners and enthusiasts.


Our unbeatable labour rate of just £70.00 per hour (plus VAT) represents excellent value for money and coupled with our customer-first policy makes us the number one choice for all your repair and maintenance needs.

Owner Keith Waite has been working on Alfa Romeo's for over 35 years having started as an apprentice in an Alfa Romeo / Fiat / Lancia dealership in the West End of London. He is one of just a select few fully trained and qualified Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Lancia specialists offering a completely independent service. His experience and expertise covers all of the current Alfa Romeo Fiats and Lancia models and goes right back to the classic Alfa 101's/105's series, Alfetta GTVs, Alfa 75s, 164s, and all boxer engine cars, and the original Fiat 500’s and replica Lancia Stratos', etc.


Such is his passion for the marque that not only does Keith provide a full maintenance and repair service for your road car, but, with 35 years of experience in the AROC/ARCA championship, and Italian inter marque championship, he is also able to provide help and support in building and modifying your Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia race car, track day car, or modified road car. As AROC champion in 2002, he is well versed with what is needed for a winning car.

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