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Services K&L Autos Offes

K&L Autos offers a range of services designed to help you, the Alfa Romeo, Fiat, or Lancia owners, maintain your car to the best possible condition.


Our services are split into three categories depending on whether your Alfa Romeo, Fiat, or Lancia is your everyday road car, a prized classic, or a fully modified road or race car.

Fixing the Car



Servicing your vehicle at the manufacturer's recommended intervals is essential to keep your car in optimal condition, to prolong its life, ensuring the reliability of your prized procession be it a modern car or a classic vehicle.

​For the owners who cover very few miles each year, we recommend an annual service and M.O.T program to ensure your vehicle is always road worthily and reliable.

Repair Services

Brakes, Clutches, Radiators, Suspension, Exhausts, and more. All supplied and fitted as either genuine parts, aftermarket or upgrades. To suit your budget or requirements. 

It is essentials that cam belts and spark plugs are changed at or before the manufactures recommended mileage or time intervals, and that all modern cars are connected to the latest examination equipemnt so any underlining problems can be identified and rectified before they cause any reliability issues or serious damage.

Engine Rebuilds

From a simple freshen up to an internal repair to a full rebuild. We can also carry out modifications to your specifications.

Gearbox Rebuilds

Including replacing bearings and synchro’s' and any other damages parts. Should you require an up-rated gear kit we will fit it and perform any other modifications you require.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Having a pre-purchase inspection done before you buy can highlight any potential costly work that may be required in the future.

It also allows us to check the vehicle is roadworthy and more importantly, we can cross-reference the vehicle identity with the paperwork supplied for the sale.


Including scratches, accident damage, full re-sprays, restoration work, bumper welding, undersealing/wax oiling.
We also carry out insurance repaires.

We use various paint shops close to us depending on the tire of paintwork required and your budgetary needs.


All types of welding work undertaken including MOT and structural work, replacement panels & patches.

Interior Trim

Give your car interior a completely new look. From replacement seat covers, carpets, specially made head linings, door cards, and more.

To full leather retrims or simply splits and tears in seats. We also fit spider soft tops to your specification.


Road car modifications and upgrades can be carried out but must keep the vehicle road legal allowing you to improve your vehicle while maintaining it within the road safety and legal parameters.


Please e-mail me your needs or ideas and we will create a plan.

Fixing the Car


Race Car Modifications

Over the last 35 years, the K&L Autos proprietor, Keith Waite, has competed at all of the major race circuits in the UK as well as several European circuits. He was the AROC champion in 2002.

Keith has always built and prepared his own race cars and has gained a considerable reputation for experience in this area.

He is now able to offer existing and future racers the opportunity to tap into his wealth of knowledge and experience by offering a race car preparation service. Facilities include any modifications required to meet the standards required by the BRSCC, 750 motor club, CSCC, HSCC, etc race championships. We can perform engine and body upgrades, attendance at test days, and race days. In fact, everything required to put you on the starting grid - how you fare in the race is largely dependent on your driver skills, but a K&L prepared car will give you the best possible chance to maximise your skills at a budget you can afford.

Track Day Preparation

Track day events are becoming an increasingly popular way of testing your Alfa or Fiat and your driving skills to the limit, in a relatively safe and affordable environment. At K&L Autos we will ensure that your car is safe, well prepared and modified as necessary so that you can get the maximum benefit from your day.

We can also attend on the day to offer at circuit support and advice.

Modified Parts

Many of the parts and components used to modify Track Day and Race Cars can be used to enhance the look and/or performance of your road car.

Talk to us about modifications that may be suitable for your prized Alfa fiat or Lancia.

K&L autos also hold a stock of second-hand parts available please see our e bay store or email us with your requirement

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